Kailash Manosarvar Yatra



Kailash  Mansarovar  is  sourrounded  by snowy  mountains  near mount Kailash , the abode of Lord Shankar.  Kailash  Mansarovar  is the most important of the Panch Kailash . Mansarovar  Kailash mountain  is located in Tibet .The distance from Delhi  to Mansarovar  is  623.0 km is . Being in Tibet ,Passport  is required  here .  The circumambulation of Kailash starts from Tarchen and ends there. Gurlala  pass situated  on  manghata  mountain 40 km. from Taklakot  is at an altitude of  4,938  meters  16,200 feet.  In  the    middle of this ,first on the left  is  Mansarovar and on the right is  Rakshas tal .  Adelightful  view of the snow – capped Dhaval  peak of Mount  Kailash is visible in the far north . Kailash  Mansarovar is considered to be te home of Shiva and mother Parvati .There is the abode    of Shiva and Mother Parvati .There is the abode of Shiva  and Shambhu on Mount Kailash located near Mansarovar. This is the holy Place where shiva and shabhum reside . According to the  Puranas ,due to Lord Shiva’s Permanent residence here ,this place is considered the best among the 12 jyotirlings. It is believed that heaven is above Mount Kailash and death is below. Followers of Hindu religion believe  that Mount Kailash is Mount Meru which is the axis of the Universe .This is the abode  of Lord  Shankar . Here the right hand of Mata Sati had fallen .Therefore ,here a stone rock is Worshiped considering  it to  be its  form .There is Shakti  Peetha here . It is  believed  that this  lake was  first created in the Mind of Lord Brahma  . Hence  it was named Manasarovar  .The peak of Mount Kailash is about22000 feet high .It is believed that after taking a bath in the Mansarovar lake ,the sins of all births  are washed away and  salvation is attained .Places to visit around Kailash  Mansarovar ; Mansarovar lake,  Kailash  Parikrama, Rakshas tal Lake ,Pashupatinath  tample,Damodar  Khund ,Saptarshi cave.                                                                             

Teerthpuri  ;   Where Pilgrims atke bath in the spring pond after completing their journey.                      
Gouri Khund ;  Which is known as the lake of Compassion. 

Yama Dwar  ;  This is the starting point of the journey.                                                                                    

Asthapad  ;   Which is the base of Kailash and Tarboche, you will get to see many  prayer flags  at  this place.  This place holds importance in relation to Tibetan  Spirituality ,etc .
You can also visit   Kailash Mansarovar  by  trekking .

The best time to visit   Mansarovar  is from May to October .The Saga Dawa festival ,a Tibetan   Buddhist  festival, is  also performed  during this time . Every year  lakhs of devotees come  here  in faith to have darshan.


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