Adi Kailash Yatra


Adi  Kailash is a place  surrounded by snowy mountains in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand state. And  India is  near the Tibet Border . It is at  distance of 498.7km from delhi.  Every year lakhs of devotees come here to have  Darshan of Bholenath in faith .  At Present, citizens of india  are required to obtain a visa to visit Kailash  Mansarova .  But Adi Kailash is considered as the oldest above of Lord Shiva. Adi Kailash is situated at an altitude of 5,945 meters above sea  level. This place was the residence of lord Shiva’s family . Where Lord Shiva, Mother Parvati  lived with her sons Ganesha and Kartikeya . Places to Visit near Adi Kailash Parvat munnsiyari, Kumaon region ,Nandi  parvet, Gori khund, Yam Dham , om parvet, Jageshwar Dham . Trekking, Spiritual retreat , Photography , Bird watching ,Camping  Adventure  activities can  be done . Many devotees prefer to visit Adi Kailash as in this track you can find  the small  Kuti Village named after Kunti, the Mother of Pandavas. That‘s why  every  year  lakhs of  devotees  come  to  Adi  Kailash  in faith  to have  darshan  of  lord  Shiva .This Mountain peak is so sacred.That it is Considered as adhi Mount Kailash. This mountain is one of the five Kailash mountain peaks. Gori khund is at the  foothills of Chhota Kailash. Another water body nearby is Parvati Sarovar which is  also called Mansarovar. In this you will find beautiful tamples, snow covered mountains, land shores silky rivers, waterfalls ,rivers  withbtheir  power  and  peace.


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